A Few Bad Apples

Recently the wife of a Shores of Jupiter posted on Nextdoor:

I call this the “Please Clap” post, named after Jeb Bush’s pathetic “please clap” plea to his audience. In case you haven’t figured out who she is referring to as one of the “bad apples”, it’s yours truly. So I replied.

And when she still hadn’t remove the “bad apples” insult I went ahead and posted this the next day.

As you can see I was attacked by another resident.

Eventually the board member weighed in. This is the same director who told me that he the board has put aside ample funds to litigate against homeowners who bring suit for the board’s wrongdoing.

My reply.

A grown man calling it VEXDOOR. Ugh. He’s got is allies though. They managed to get some of my comments removed by gang reporting. Also got me suspended but Nextdoor reinstated my account after I contacted them.

I have may allies too. They are much smarter and nicer.

Finally he threatened me.

My last 2 comments got removed. I don’t know why.

Right after Art’s threat I got suspended. As attorney Barbara Billiot Stage write in Abuse of Power, Living in a Florida Community Association, the board member is trying to censor me.


The Shores of Jupiter has been my home since 2004. I have recently been accused of making trouble for the board. I don't deny that. It's good trouble. I have also been accused to doing nothing but creating chaos. If chaos means not going along to get along then I am guilty. Good Queen of Chaos.

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