HOA attorneys

The Problem – the Lawyers According to real estate attorney, Barbara Billiot Stage who wrote in Legal Guide: Abuse of Power – Living in A Florida Community Association “The problem lies with the association attorneys, as well as the courts and the Florida Bar for letting the association attorneys behave badly. The problem lies with… Continue reading HOA attorneys

Fines and the Applicable Florida Statute

 April 30 , 2021  The Shores of Jupiter  Board of Directors  And,  Realtime Property Management  140 Intracoastal Pointe Drive #403  Jupiter, Florida 33458  Attn.: Beth White, LCAM  RE: Fines and the applicable Florida Statute 720, (Florida HOA Act) the Shores of Jupiter  While we appreciate one of the Board of Directors of the Shores of… Continue reading Fines and the Applicable Florida Statute

How it all started

I hesitated to include The Ongoing saga of my rogue mailbox story on the blog because I was concerned that some people would think my battle with the board was just because of it. But it is relevant because it’s about my outrage that the Board is fining people over petty issues when they don’t… Continue reading How it all started